It’s tough for landlords in the commercial and industrial market and the legislative terrain is changing almost daily amidst an unprecedented crisis.
Now, more than ever before, it is critical to ensure that your assets are managed by people who are experienced, knowledgeable and strategic in maximising their clients’ interests.
Is your current manager renegotiating your tenant’s leases after a detailed cashflow assessment? What is your strategy for arrears? Do you have the right insurance? Is the lease security in place? Have you processed all rent increases?
We can help you!
Our real estate portfolio managers are masters of real estate fundamentals. With backgrounds in law, accounting, insolvency and all things ‘real estate’ we have been involved in the acquisition and ownership processes for a number of real estate equity funds and high net wealth private family offices. We understand how to formulate benchmarks so we can evaluate an investment’s best strategy to maximise returns. Property comparisons made not only against other property performance in the same market, but against other asset classes as well, to deliver the best approach for owing your properties. Own better with us.

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