6 Things to Ask a Potential Short-Term Property Manager

6 Things to Ask a Potential Short-Term Property Manager

Having a short-term property manager on board can entail a lot of perks. Save time by allowing a management company to handle current short-term occupants in the property and attract new people who’d like to rent out the place for a bit. However, it’s so dependent on finding the right company that can provide what you need. 

It’s easy to get the lines blurred between an excellent short-term rental management company and a mediocre one. When you’re interviewing potential property managers, there are six things you should bring up and ask about. Their answer to your questions will help you determine whether they’d be a good fit for you.

Choosing Property Occupants

Quiz them on what their screening process looks like as they choose short-term occupants. It’s ideal that customers are welcomed to come to the property for a stay. It’s essential to conduct a background check, though, so short-term property management should not be afraid to ask any sensible questions and inspect their profiles to ensure the safety of your property.

In conjunction with this, you should also ask whether you and your guests can stay at the property. Some short-term rental management companies tend to glaze over this point, making it confusing whether you can inhabit your property. Be sure to clarify, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Determining the Price

Potential occupants will be comparing prices and fees of different properties, so pricing is one of the most important topics to discuss in an interview. Some property management companies opt for a commission fee, where there’s a percentage that a manager gains through a set fee. However, this fee is dependent on the property getting booked.

Some companies are implementing a fixed rent price, which can be attractive for property owners who want to make an earning regardless of the property’s booking or lack thereof. 

Marketing the Property

Short-term property managers will be responsible for the marketing of your property. Ask how they plan to do this and what platforms they want to engage with. Airbnb should already be a given as it’s one of the most well-known sites not just in Australia but across the world. They can also look to several other platforms, though, such as Booking.com and more.

There are also other ways to promote and ensure more guests. What incentives do they have to offer? Have they gained any relevant connections they can reach out to?

Scheduling Maintenance

Responsibility for housekeeping and maintenance also falls on the property manager, so ask how they plan to schedule and maintain the place. Some companies may have third-party cleaners assigned to take care of the house after every stay. Hygiene is vital, especially after the craze of the pandemic. 

Being Available to Respond

Guests can base their impression and review of the property through the property manager’s service. One catalyst may be their communication and quick response time with the potential occupants. Question whether they will respond to them during the night and what medium the guests can contact them on.

Using Software or Programs

An ideal short-term rental management company should have its operations and data streamlined on a software program or platform. Ask what software they are using to get a sense of how they keep record of the staff and guests who stay at the property and whether you would have access to this database. 


Choosing a short-term rental management company should be done with decisiveness and in a careful manner. Strive to have a lot of transparency and discussion with the potential manager to provide your property and potential guests the best service possible.

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